This Mother’s Day Help Expecting Mothers And Their Babies Survive

Published on May 7, 2022

Help Expecting Mothers

In India, every 20 minutes a mother dies due to pregnancy or childbirth-related causes (Source - NHFS 2017). In a country where we worship mothers as godesses, the state of maternal health is appalling. In many parts of the country, there is a lack of proper prenatal, postnatal and nutritional care that will help expecting mothers and their babies survive.

To ensure underprivileged mothers and their children get timely care, CRY works to help reduce mortality rates and make mothers aware of nutrition for themselves and their children - 

In 2021 alone, CRY impacted the lives of over 3800 mothers and 9300 children from different marginalised communities. While this is a good step in the right direction, there are many who still need our help.

Your generous contributions will go a long way in giving expecting mothers the support they need and ensuring that their babies get a healthy start to life. This Mother’s Day, help expecting mothers and their babies survive. Donate to CRY today!