“VITAL is happy to contribute towards the Muktangan Project (Coalition for Child Rights Protection, West Bengal). Malnourished and abandoned children begging for survival is such a common sight at India’s major stations that they have become just another everyday feature of the railway platform – no more human than the trains or tracks. Current efforts to counteract

this trend on central stations has led to aggressive tactics and a dispersion of children to the smaller stations. This is why at VITAL we do everything we can to reach these children as soon as possible. By partnering with CRY we have witnessed a decrease in violence near the railways particularly in Asansol, there has been a surge in the letting of recreational spaces for children’s workshops in Malda and overall a larger distribution of food, clothing and other essentials in Muktangan.  We are proud of our work with CRY and will continue our uphill battle to provide infants with the safe childhood they deserve.”

VITAL for Children, Donor

[VITAL a non-profit organisation working towards eliminating child poverty, is a committed supporter for CRY. They have extended their support towards the CRY project Coalition for Child Right to Protection in West Bengal. The VITAL team regularly visits the Muktangan Center in Asansol and interacts with the children and the Railway Police Force (RPF). Seeing the impact, VITAL has decided to continue their support towards the project.]


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