Indiagram – The oldest Indian community forum on IG sharing paused moments of India’s life by photographer’s & journalists from all around the world has joined hands with CRY to spread awareness about child rights issues through their platform. They share Stories of Hope from CRY supported projects to their followers on Instagram. Follow them to know more at
IDBI Bank has contributed towards CRY supported project Sanlaap in West Bengal. Sanlaap in partnership with CRY works closely on the issue of child trafficking, rescue, restoration and rehabilitation of affected Children . CRY is very thankful to IDBI Bank for having supported this endeavor. supported CRY’s campaign in March 2009 by placing banners at no cost on their website.
The Indian Association, Papua New Guniea organized a fund-raiser during their Diwali function wherein the members donated generously towards CRY supported initiatives.
Intel Asia Electronics, Bangalore donated a “Pentium III Server” worth Rs.60,000/- for CRY’s office use
When CRY Mumbai was getting a renovation after almost a decade, ICICI too was getting a new look. They donated their furniture – cubicles with tables to us.
ICICI Prulife donated Rs. 2 to CRY for every Diwali card they sent. At 53,000 cards, this raised funds for more than 100 children to get an education and healthcare.
Ideas-RS is a Mumbai based consultancy that conducts training programmes on creativity and problem solving (Creative Block Busting) for professionals. During these programmes, the participants spend the day analysing, ideating on and discussing a business problem to arrive at several effective solutions. In October 2003, CRY was the beneficiary of one of these programmes. Twelve qualified professionals deliberated on issues faced by CRY in resource mobilisation, and suggested long term solutions.
Students of IIT Powai, Mumbai formed a club called “We Care for CRY” and raised funds for one of the CRY-supported project. They also created awareness in their campus on the issue of child labour in the fire cracker industry and motivated all the hostelites to celebrate Diwali with diyas only.
iDream Productions donated to CRY 2 % of the net theatrical revenues generated in India from the screening of their film J2M2, over a period of a year.
TV channel India TV has been airing CRY films on their channel, free, helping create awareness about CRY, its activities and the many simple things each one of us can do to make a difference to underprivileged children.
India Empire partnered CRY in creating awareness on Child Rights. They supported CRY with a full page, colour advertisement and editorial space in the November 2006 edition. India Empire ( is a magazine focused on the Indian diaspora and reaches out to readers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Caribbean, South Africa and India.