At CRY, we are committed to our vision for a happy, healthy and creative childhood for every child. Over the course of the next 10 years, and to continue to make children and their rights a priority, we have reiterated goals that CRY as an organisation is committed to strive for. These include ensuring children in CRY-supported projects have access to free and quality education, primary healthcare and are safe from violence, abuse and exploitation. We will also work towards reducing the rate of child malnutrition and make sure children’s voices are recognised in issues that affect them.

The ‘RIGHT’ Way of Working

‘Charity’ alone is not a lasting solution to enable change for the millions of children living in India today, who have little or no access to food or education and are exploited daily. A rights-based approach ensures that entitlements are available to all children without any discrimination. They are universal and non–negotiable. Along with our project partners, CRY ensures that the government fulflls their duty by providing the necessary infrastructure and services as per the needs of the people and at the best quality possible. We believe that the best interest of the child needs to be put at the centre of all policy, legislation and practices affecting their lives.

Right Way Of Working
At CRY we believe in child rights for three reasons – because the alternatives are unjust, illegal and ineffective.

We aim to achieve measureable impact through the following process:

Identify the problem

Any issue that causes a child rights violation like female foeticide or child labour, is a symptom of deep-rooted problems such as lack of livelihoods, caste or gender bias. We identify these violations and work with the communities to demand accountability from the government and permanent solutions and/or mitigate the impact of these deep-rooted problems on children.

Child Rights Violations

Partner with Grassroots NGOs

To achieve far-reaching impact on a large scale, we enable grassroots NGOs by providing them with funds, programme monitoring, building their skills, perspectives and capacities in addressing issues that affect children and their families.

Mobilise Local Communities

Through interactions, workshops and trainings with communities, we make them aware of their due entitlements from the government to bring about a better living for themselves and their children.

Create Awareness

We sensitise people on issues that affect children and cause child rights violations through various mediums of communication. We also form or participate in networks and alliances to lobby for child-friendly policies.

Get Public Support

We generate funds and resources (voice, time, skills) from individuals like you and through institutional partnerships. We encourage people from all walks of life to contribute in creating an environment in which children enjoy their basic rights.

Enable Change

Thus, CRY works towards ensuring children live, learn, play, express themselves…bringing about lasting change in their lives.