Location: Chintapalli, Koyyuru – Andhra Pradesh
Nature of Initiative: Group Fellow
CRY support since: 2018-2019


Vision of the organization is to ‘ensure good education and nutrition status of children and change the community perspectives towards child rights protection and enable them to question the injustice.’ Pragathisiri was formed mainly to take up issues related to education, women, children, environment, etc. In the initial 3 years it was undertaking small programs from Nehru Yuva Kendra and District Youth Services. PSSS started interventions in Narsipatnam and Golugonda Mandals as they felt that there are several concerning issues to be addressed like child labour and out-of-school children, high seasonal migration, child marriages, women and family related issues.

  • Identification and mainstreaming of out-of-school children. Motivation to parents and children at family-level. This includes Identification of child labour working in different factories and mainstreaming them.
  • Enrolment campaigns at villages and schools.
  • child marriage prevention – involved in cases where marriage was about to happen and given counselling to parents of the Groom.
  • Monitoring of Anganwadi centres for better quality food.
  • Filing of cases on sexual harassment and abuse cases in schools
  • 10 primary schools were upgraded to upper primary schools (Division level)
  • Girls’ toilets constructed in 25 schools and renovated in 5 schools.
  • Toilets (both boys’ and girls’) constructed in 5 schools and renovated in 35 schools.
  • Compound wall constructed in 35 schools.
  • Kitchen sheds were constructed in 25 schools.
  • Running water facility and drinking water facility created in 30 social welfare hostels and residential schools.
  • New toilets constructed / old toilets renovated in 35 social welfare hostels
  • Child rights status analysis is done through BLD/MIS data collection.
  • Fellows’ perspective on child rights enhanced and apt strategies arrived at to address CR issues.
  • Communities’ awareness levels start enhancing on key child rights issues.
  • The low quality food and irregular coverage of children under nutrition programme is made an issue.
  • The difficult access to PDS services for Tribals is made an issue.
  • Improvement in immunization services at community level. Planned activities are –