Helping Hands Association

Location: 27 villages of Etcherla Mandal, Srikakulam district, AP
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Gurugebelli Narasimha Murthy
CRY support since: 2011 – 2012

  • The community has started realizing the importance of the birth certificates of their children
  • Birth registration percentage increased from 42 %
    in 2013 to 78 % in 2014
  • Continuous advocacy has resulted in the improvement of infrastructure and increase in the teacher- student ratio through the sanghas

Srikakulam is a coastal district and has been one of the top priority areas for CRY due to its backwardness on several social development indicators and the great extent of child rights violations in the district. Child rights violations like malnourishment and hunger, child labour, migration, child marriages, child trafficking and lack of access to education and health are rampant in the region. Helping Hands Association has been working in this area for the last 10 years and has built its credibility as an organization working with and for children’s issues. It has mainstreamed hundreds of out-of-school children and child labourers to schools, especially from the fishing community, through the Residential Bridge Course centers and NCLP centers. HHA team has done campaigns at the village level on the importance of birth registration and sensitized the parents on the need of birth registration certificates. They have also lobbied with for registration of all the new born babies in the area.