JJBVK Project in Bihar

Location: Samastipur district, Bihar
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder:Mr. Surrender Kumar
CRY support since: 2006 – 2007

  • 151 out 172 were successful Institutional deliveries
  • 146 drop-out children identified out of which 39 children were made regular in schools
  • 82 children from these communities have been mobilized for higher studies
  • 36 child marriages were stopped. All the 36 girls are currently attending regular schools
  • 6 children reported on irregular school issues like Mid-Day Meals and teachers through Gram Vani

In 2003 JJBVK was registered as an organization working on child rights issues as the group started moving towards sustainable development programmes with focus on children from marginalized communities. JJBVK had been able to sustain its efforts towards mobilizing and empowering community and the Community Based Organization’s engagement with other stakeholders in bringing positive changes in the lives of children and marginalized community. The CRY- supported project works in 16 revenue villages spread over 10 Panchayats of Sarairanjan block in Samastipur district and 5 wards of Slums situated in Samstipur district in Bihar. The grim situation of children in these areas has been explored through field visits and secondary data collection activities which need immediate attention are aiming towards ensuring rights of the Tharu, Oraon and Dalit children in the area. The development indicators in terms of education and health possess are the major concerns. Currently, the organization is working to make the School and ICDS systems functional with support from the community and Community based organizations. It was found that the child labour prevalent in these ares is not due to earning compulsions but is a result of the insensitive school systems and practically no learning environment available. The children are intelligent and innovative wanting to learn more, but are forced to quit schools due to various reasons.