Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Nature of Initiative: Group Fellow
CRY support since: 2018 – 2019


The aim of this project is to ensure access to ICDS centers and expanding learning and development opportunities for children in age group of 3-6 from four Bangalore urban slums, through executing their right to education and development.


To ensure free, equal and quality pre-school education for 3-6 years children and reduce malnutrition rate by 10% in 4 operational areas of Bangalore urban slums; through AWC monitoring, awareness campaigns, capacity building of AWC teachers and advocacy etc. And thus making pavements in creation of Govt Model AWCs in Bangalore.

  • 1. Enrolling 3-6 year children from the proposed slums in ICDS centers.
  • 2. Building rapport with communities and Anganwadi teachers.
  • 3. Monitoring the retention of enrolled children.
  • 4. Advocating for new Anganwadi centers in the operational areas.
  • 5. Holding community mobilization awareness campaigns on ECCE.
  • 6. Forming and organizing Children’s Collective meetings.
  • 7. Conducting monthly review meetings with involved stakeholders
  • Analysis and consolidation of status of 0-6 years children in the operational area.
  • Initiated and strengthened early childhood learning processes in ICDS centres and hence demonstrating Model Govt ICDS in Bangalore.
  • Increased awareness among parents and publics on AWCs
  • Improved quality of Education by access to AWCs, Schools and educational materials provided.
  • Ensured 90% enrolment of 3-6 years in ICDS centres and 6-14 years in school and reduction in school drop out by 25%
  • Formed 2 children collectives and strengthened child participation through meetings and activities.