Sanghamitra Project for Supporting Urban colony People in Tirupathi

Location:33 Slums of Tirupathi city in Chittoor district
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: S. Vishwanath
CRY support: 2015 – 2016

  • 132 out of 135 deliveries were institutional deliveries
  • 1000 out of 1010 eligible children between 0-5years have taken immunisation doses
  • 83 malnourished children were indentified and treated
  • 100% enrollment in schools was ensured in one colony – all 32 children between of 6-18 years are enrolled
  • 3 additional class rooms each are sanctioned for 2 high schools
  • Water taps repaired and usage water provided

Sanghamitra Service Society’s (SSS) target operational areas mainly comprise of the Tirupathi Urban colonies. The main target community for this CRY – supported project is the Yanadi community. They are dependent on domestic and sanitation work in the Tirupathi Municipality for their livelihood. SSS has adopted multiple strategies for addressing the identified issues, by promoting community based organizations (CBOs) at colony level and child level, media advocacy, by coordinating visits of government line department officials to the bastis, engaging with the government departments by participating in their meetings (ICDS, Education Depts for example). Over the last few years, they have shown considerable progress in addressing child rights violations especially in the areas of improving school infrastructure, access and strengthening ICDS services/ centers, mainstreaming dropouts, rescuing child labors, addressing child sexual abuse cases and stopping child marriages.