Sankalp Manav Vikas Project to Support Dalit Women & Children

Child Rights takes centre stage

Location: 60 villages of Pathri, Manvat and Selu talukas in Parbhani District and 10 villages of Udgir taluka in Latur District, Maharashtra
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Sudhakar Shirsagar
CRY support since: 1999

  • 1,438 children enrolled in school
  • 476 children immunized
  • 180 children identified with malnutrition
  • 625 birth registrations provided
  • 713 caste/identity certificates provided
  • 102 disability certificates provided
  • 14 children’s groups activated

Marathwada is one of the least developed regions in Maharashtra and within this region, Parbhani district is among the worst. Most of the people here come from scheduled castes, nomadic tribes and other socially backward classes. Nomadic tribes are unrecognised and thus deprived from access to state services.

Irrigation facilities are scarce and thus agriculture is mostly rainfed. Fragmentation of land holdings makes agriculture non-productive. People are forced to migrate out and consequently child labour and child marriages are on the rise.

The community has awakened to the issues of Right to Education and Right to Work for children.

Since inception, Sankalp has been working on the issues of caste discrimination and livelihood issues in Marathwada region. The organisation is also on the forefront of addressing the protection and participation issues of all children, besides strengthening interventions for ensuring development and survival rights of the community at large and children in particular.

Sankalp has also started mobilising community and local governance to address malnutrition deaths. They have begun to federate children groups. Their campaigns have spread across the region to ensure child rights for all children, with an emphasis on Dalit children.