CRY Supported CCRP to help Children Separated from Families
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The Asansol railway station in West Bengal, like many other railway stations in the country, is shelter to a lot of homeless children. CRY supported project The Coalition for Child’s Right to Protection (CCRP) works towards reunifying lost, abandoned, runaway and otherwise separated children with their families to prevent avoidable institutionalisation.
CCRP therefore works within government homes to ensure quality care and support for children unable to go back to their families on one hand. On the other, it works closely with the community to explore alternatives to institutionalisation like foster care. Towards this aim, CCRP and CRY have two initiatives called Muktangan and Muktadhara.
The Muktangan centers not only provide children with food, shelter, clothing and medical care but also give them access to basic education, life skills development and a chance to attend formal schools. Muktadhara is a new initiative where all children those who are interested in education are identified and provided with formal education through non formal system of learning and psychosocial support.
CRY has worked closely with CCRP to develop a holistic and comprehensive strategy for long term implications instead of just focussing on immediate resolution to ensure children’s right to survival, development, protection and participation.

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