WBEN for Child Rights
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change enabled
Bal Panchayats formed
defunct schools reactivated; 100% enrolment of children 6–14 year-old children
Birth registrations increased to 100%
what changed
In Jhadol tehsil in Udaipur district poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and the resultant lost childhoods are rampant problems. Families are steeped in debt, there is a high prevalence of child marriages, low prevalence of immunisations and the few existing schools lack basic infrastructure.
Mahan Seva Sansthan (MSS) has been working at integrated development by promoting sustainable education, health, environment conservation and livelihood initiatives for the marginalised communities in 46 hamlets of Udaipur district of Rajasthan. MSS employs a community-based model to address each issue in parallel, for holistic and lasting change.
Today, Mahendra Singh, aged 10, is Head of the Children’s Group and is an active agent of change in his community.

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