Information technology

CRY constantly endeavours to optimise its resources be it in servicing our partners, donors or in building internal capacities for child rights. Information technology infrastructure and management allows for a variety of tools that support CRY’s donor servicing, information sharing, increase operations efficacy and provide for strategic inputs in systems and process across CRY.


Accountability and transparency are values that form the foundation of this organisation. CRY is an Indian Public Trust, and is accountable for every rupee raised from the public at large and every rupee disbursed to the projects we partner. The focal point is to continuously invest, monitor and account for resources raised & disbursed.


The Planning function strives to strengthen systems and processes with a view to enable informed decisions that have far reaching impact.

It enables the leadership to keep a continuous and closer watch on CRY’s income, utilisation of resources and progress against divisional and organisational plans. It also explores multiple models of planning for CRY and helps all functions to be in sync with the roadmap and define measurable goals for progress.



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Resource Development

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