The Volunteer Action team at CRY believes that the middle class has a pivotal role to play in shaping the discourse on Child Rights- as people whose voice is heard, as people with access to the media, as people with the capacity to influence policies and build pressure towards positive government action for inclusive development.

Internships are a part of our Volunteer Action programme. Our interns come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, and are seen as integral contributors to the movement for Child Rights.

The underlying assumption in all our partnerships with interns is that the experience with CRY will enable them to continue to participate in the struggle for the rights for all children well beyond the course of this internship. In that sense, the internship is recognized as a beginning of a much longer relationship between CRY and the intern, as well as the institution they represent.

Our approach
At CRY we believe in child rights for three reasons – because the alternatives are unjust, illegal and ineffective.

Internship aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to interns, to put into practice and deepen their theoretical knowledge of development issues
  • Provide the interns the platform to develop a more grounded understanding of child rights challenges in an Indian context
  • Give interns an opportunity to learn advocacy, researching, campaigning, networking skills and operational aspects of development work
  • Provide opportunities to strengthen, scale up and build volunteer programmes
  • Provide exposure for interns to take action for child rights in their daily lives
  • Enable them to transform into committed volunteers for child rights after the internship program

Internship programs are designed to offer exposure to students and working professionals from varied academic and professional backgrounds. The design of an internship depends on both the interest and skill areas of the interns as well as requirements of CRY.

This is an intensive engagement and no stipend is offered. The incidental costs pertaining to the assignment may be covered.

What it offers

Our interns and volunteers are involved in working on various child rights issues such as child labour, education, health, and other issues related to human and child rights. The interns get a chance to explore, know and contribute in important mainstream work of the organization ranging from public mobilization, fact finding researches, field exposures and documentation, pilot run project ideas, learn the threads of HR, organising events, rope in media advocacy skills and many more.

The options mentioned are not exhaustive and can be various; there is scope for innovation and experimentation with novel ideas. All this contributes to advocacy with governments and other institutions to make Child Rights a reality for all children.

Glimpses of work

How to apply

  • I. For Individual applicants

    You need to submit the completely filled CRY Internship Application form. Download the form here. Once filled, please send it to the region you intend to intern in. To contact CRY region representative, click here.

  • II. For placement cell/ Faculty

    a) Share the link to this page with all students

    b) Students should submit the completely filled CRY Internship Application form directly. Download the form here.

  • To contact CRY region representative, click here

Eligibility criteria

  • Should be above 18 years of age
  • Should be in college/ recent pass out
  • Should be able to put in a minimum of 4 weeks; 6 weeks or more is desirable
  • Should give full time and intensive commitment
  • Should believe in values upheld by CRY – Respect for Human Dignity, Transparency, Innovation, Accountability, Secularism, Non Violence, Working in Partnership

For any queries, write to CRY volunteer representative.