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Let’s ensure happyHappy Childhoods childhoods for India’s children

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Ensure Better Future for Children

What We Do

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Ensuring that children go to school and complete their education

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Health & Nutrition

Increasing access to proper nutrition and quality healthcare

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Safety & Protection

Addressing issues like child labour, child marraige, trafficking and abuse

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Child Participation

Creating an environment where children’s voices are heard and considered

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Our approach is modeled around bringing change at all levels

With your support, we address children’s critical needs by working with parents, teachers, Anganwadi workers, communities, district and state level governments as well as the children themselves.

We focus on changing behaviours and practices at the grassroots level and influencing public policy at a systemic level – thereby creating an ecosystem where children are made the nation’s priority.

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Changing their behaviors, attitudes & practices towards children

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Mobilizing community stakeholders like teachers, Anganwadi workers and village child protection committees to take action for children.

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Sensitizing society to create an ecosystem where children are a priority

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Partnering with district, state and national level governments to strengthen policy and advocacy systems for children

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Addressing their immediate/critical needs

This is the impact YOU helped us achieve in 2022-23

  • CRY Stat


    children impacted overall
  • CRY Stat


    children in CRY project areas, between the ages of 6-18 years, in school*In the 15-18 age group, our enrolment and retention rate is 11% better than the all India enrolment status – GER. (based on the UDISE+ 2021-22 report)
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    children in CRY project areas, under the age of 5 years, protected from undernourishment*Only 17% children in CRY project areas are underweight, as compared to 32% all India status as per NFHS 5
  • CRY Stat


    of adolescent girls, in CRY project areas, between 11-18 years, protected from child marriage
  • CRY Stat


    children, in CRY project areas, between the ages of 6-18 years, protected from child labour
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If we all do something, then together there is no problem that we cannot solve!

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