Marginalised Children Must Have Access To Quality Healthcare

Published on November 30, 2022

At CRY, we believe that no child should suffer from malnutrition or poor health irrespective of their socio-economic background. The physical, mental, and cognitive growth of a child depends on primary healthcare, including a good and regular diet. To prevent long-term and, in some circumstances, permanent harm to the child's health, timely and proper intake of essential nutrition is integral from the time of conception itself.

India’s infant mortality rate (IMR), child mortality rate (CMR) and maternal mortality rate (MMR) must be considerably reduced and that is why CRY’s health and nutrition programmes have been implementing a preventative and responsive strategy to help make a difference. Below are some of the areas of concern that are being addressed by CRY teams:

Prenatal & Postnatal Care

For a child to develop healthily, expecting and lactating mothers must receive appropriate care at the appropriate time. Key areas of intervention include high-quality prenatal care which lowers the risk of pregnancy problems, institutional deliveries that help in safe live births, and frequent postnatal check-ups that also encourage breastfeeding.

Growth Monitoring

It is essential to regularly check a child's growth up until the age of six to guarantee healthier childhoods. Important areas of intervention include infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices, addressing gender discrimination to provide fair access to primary healthcare, and ensuring that immunisation regimens are completed to control preventable diseases.

Learning Outcomes 6 – 18 Years

The most effective way to alter attitudes and behaviours around children's health and nutrition is to introduce and implement those early on. For an effective generational change, in the long run, proper interaction with adolescent girls and boys on such issues can help create awareness and empowerment.

All children deserve a healthy childhood but 2 of 3 child deaths, below the age of 5, are caused by malnutrition (Source – UNICEF 2019 and ICMR 2019). There are millions of children in India who do not get adequate nutrition, timely immunizations, and proper healthcare. As a result, they often suffer from recurring diseases, stunted growth and in extreme cases, even face death. This is why CRY, an NGO for children, urges you to donate generously to give underprivileged children the gift of health. You can also avail of a tax exemption on your donation. So, contribute now!