Invest In The Future Of India’s Children And Avail Income Tax Exemption

Published on February 25, 2022

income tax exemption

As you begin your financial year-end tax planning, you can help contribute to the welfare of children and save tax. When you donate to CRY, you can avail 50% income tax exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act and at the same time, help ensure that children complete their education, are protected and have access to proper healthcare and nutrition.

Your tax-saving donation can help us reach more children across the country. Below are some of the causes that you can choose to invest in:

Help underweight babies survive by investing in their nutrition
It is integral that children’s mental, physical and cognitive development is not compromised during their formative years. Regular intake of essential nutrition is required to avoid any long-term or even irreversible damage to their growth. UNICEF 2019 shows that malnourishment leads to 69% of deaths amongst children below the age of 5 years in India. Your donation can help underweight babies survive through proper monitoring and care. Help protect them from recurring diseases or stunted growth, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Protect children from child labour by investing in their safety
Poverty in India is one of the reasons why children from marginalized communities are more vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and violence. Living in unsafe environments can prove to be quite dangerous to their social, mental, and physical development. By donating to CRY’s programs, you can help provide safety and protection for underprivileged children from child labour, child marriage, and child trafficking.

Help children continue education by investing in their education
According to UNICEF, the pandemic has led to the closure of over 1.5 million schools in India for almost two years, affecting 247 million children of the opportunity to learn. It is of paramount importance that children go to school and complete their education. Quality education helps in many ways - it not only develops social and emotional skills but also contributes to nurturing life skills, knowledge and capabilities Contribute to CRY’s bridge learning initiative and help address the learning gap in India.

Ensure vaccination for children by investing in their health
Children must receive timely vaccinations to grow up healthy and immunization against life-threatening diseases and your donation can ensure that.

Donate money online to help India’s children toward a brighter future and avail an income tax exempt right away. You can save 50% tax on your donation as an income tax exemption so wait no more!