This Independence Day, Let’s Give India’s Children Access To Education

Published on August 12, 2022

Independence Day

As India celebrates its glorious 75th Independence Day, a bagful of medals at the recent Commonwealth Games has surely multiplied the joy and pride. We, at CRY, India’s most trusted NGO, hope to prepare India’s children to be the next Mirabai Chanu, PV Sindhu, and Achinta Sheuli. All that our children need is a world full of opportunities that helps them reach their truest potential.

While we rejoice the Commonwealth Games, there is also another side of the reality. There are an estimated 46 million children between the ages of 6-18 who are not in school (Source: RGI Census Population Projection 2016 and Unified DISE 2016-17). Several children have never had the opportunity to attend school, and many have dropped out for various reasons - either to work as child labourers or because they are forced into marriage. Other reasons include financial constraints, very distant schools, lack of safe and easily accessible transportation to schools, social pressures, and even housework or sibling care. When children are not in school, they are particularly vulnerable to economic exploitation, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and early marriage. This brutal reality continues to affect children's development and compromise their childhood.

Constructive steps, immediate and long-term, are the need of the hour to ensure that children are sent back to a more structured setting. It is imperative to impart child-centered education to sharpen their minds and strengthen their personalities. CRY currently has 180 learning centres serving 24,793 children in 307 villages in India. Despite all the progress we've made, there is still more to be done. Your donation to CRY NGO will help protect children's rights, encourage children to reach their goals, and give them a better future. 

This Independence Day, your generous contribution will help us create possibilities for children, thus ensuring the country witnesses an abundance of prosperity! After all, a child's future is the country’s future and only as promising as the way its children are treated. So, make a real difference in the lives of India’s children by donating for children’s education and paving their way to a brighter future. You can also avail a deduction under section 80G to save tax. Support now and celebrate the true spirit of India’s Independence Day!