Help India’s Children Survive The Second Wave Of COVID-19

Published on May 21, 2021

The second wave of the pandemic is raging across India and taking a toll on the citizens, especially those hailing from underprivileged communities. Also, with the recent news stories about Black Fungus being called an epidemic in certain states, we need all the help we can get to recover from the devastation caused by the second wave. The resources have been depleting at a faster pace and the quality of life of the underserved is only worsening. The second wave has also seen an increase in the number of children being victims of COVID-19. Before this becomes a child rights crisis in the long term, this alarming situation needs to be controlled.

To support the plight of underprivileged children, we, at CRY, have created a Resilience & Recovery plan that focuses on:

Pandemic Preparedness & Management:

Safety measures, testing and vaccinations need to be rigorously discussed to help understand the many queries and worries regarding protection from COVID-19. The apprehensions need to be constantly addressed to ensure that the communities stay informed and aware. To battle the second wave, it is integral to sensitise communities about taking safety precautions and even bust the many myths associated with infections, tests and vaccinations.

Health & Nutrition:

One of the other reasons why children’s health must be given more importance is because many underserved familieshave lost their livelihoods. Due to the closure of government mechanisms like primary healthcare centres and the school midday meal scheme, children are not fed properly. Without healthy food, children’s health has been getting severely affected. They’re unable to get proper nutrition, timely immunization or proper healthcare and thus, we’ll focus on:

Safety & Protection:

The first wave of COVID-19 saw a significant rise in the cases of child labour, child marriage and trafficking in all the states. With the situation getting worse across India during the second wave, this number is at the risk of rising exponentially. To ensure children stay protected from abuse and exploitation, we’ll focus on:


Children’s education has been affected by the closure of schools for over a year and the severe lack of digital access has led to a learning deficit. This gap in children’s education needs to be addressed to ensure this situation doesn’t become a permanent one. For the same, we’ll focus on:

Ensuring urgent care for children without parental supervision:

One of the terrible realities of the second wave has been the loss of one or two parents of children due to the disease. Ramifications of this type have brought to the fore various heart-breaking stories of children without parental supervision and care as their parents are in the hospital or under medical care. Several such underprivileged children are even more vulnerable and CRY will ensure that they are provided with care and protection during the unprecedented second wave of COVID-19.

You can donate to help India’s children, the unseen victims of this pandemic, and help them survive and thrive in and after the second wave of COVID-19. Your donation will help safeguard the future of children and also allow you to avail an income tax exemption. So support CRY’s efforts right away. Donate now!