Partner With CRY To Give India’s Vulnerable Children A Prosperous Future

Published on March 9, 2021


Many organizations actively believe in Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to society by contributing towards serving underprivileged communities in India. One of the ways to do so is by partnering with NGOs to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children affected by poverty in India - one of the main reasons why millions of children do not get access to the rights that they are entitled to.

Over the last 4 decades, CRY has partnered with several leading corporates in India to create a positive impact on critical children’s issues like education, healthcare & protection - making us your ideal NGO partner for a wide range of CSR activities.

Below are some of the ways that a corporate can collaborate with CRY, an NGO for children:

  1. Adopt A Project We have 109 local projects across 19 states so a corporate can adopt one or more of these projects that work on education, nutrition, healthcare, safety and protection as well as participation. The corporate can choose the project according to their geographical requirements and area of interest. CRY will direct and monitor the project as well as offer technical support and regularly share impact reports.
  1. Corporate Donations A corporate can directly make a donation that shall be put towards any of the children’s causes that CRY works for. The lump-sum donation will help create a long-term impact and increase the number of beneficiaries impacted too.
  1. Cause Related Marketing Corporates can partner with CRY on cause-related marketing campaigns. This initiative will aid the company's brand objectives and also build solid goodwill for their brand. Collaborating with CRY will go a long way in showing the company’s commitment to champion non-profits that are doing impactful work.
  1. Donation Boxes Corporates can place donation boxes in its office premises or retail outlets so that the employees or their customers/visitors can donate to support CRY. A physical donation box will also be a testament to the company’s efforts to raise funds for a noble cause.
  1. Employee Engagement Corporate employees can be provided with a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. Starting with payroll giving, where they can contribute a certain amount from their monthly salary towards CRY’s programs, corporates can encourage their employees further by pledging to match the donation amount that its employees extend.

CSR implementation is a great way to support a non-profit organization. CRY has partnered with several reputed corporates and looks forward to joining hands with many more. To initiate a CSR partnership to give India’s children a prosperous future, connect with CRY!