Proper Nutrition And Healthcare Are Essential For Children’s Health

Published on May 19, 2022

healthcare for childrens

According to UNICEF 2019 and ICMR 2019, 2 of 3 child deaths, below the age of 5, are caused by malnutrition. These alarming statistics throw light on the underserved children of India who are deprived of basic resources. Malnutrition in India holds children back from a happier and healthier childhood. The reality is that millions of children in India still do not get proper healthcare support like timely immunizations and adequate nutrition. This often leads to recurring health issues, stunted growth, or even death in some extreme cases.

India is home to the largest number of stunted children in the world at 48.2 million (Stolen Childhoods Report 2017). This is not a conducive environment for children to grow up in. It is integral that children grow up healthy where they receive proper nutrition, especially for children who are born underweight. Lack of a nutritious diet can cause severe malnutrition and anaemia, as well as poor health. Malnourishment leads to 69% of deaths amongst children below the age of 5 years in India (UNICEF, 2019)

To help improve the living conditions of underprivileged children, we, at CRY NGO, have been working tirelessly to make immediate and long-term changes. Through multiple and continuous methods, CRY’s on-ground teams have ensured that there is a considerable improvement in the health of pregnant mothers, newborns, and children of all ages.

We continue to partner with the local government and healthcare workers to gain access to healthcare facilities. We have also enabled homegrown kitchen gardens to address nutritional needs and ensure better health for families. CRY, known as the best NGO in India regularly conducts surveys to assess community needs and ensure there is access to government entitlements like ration cards etc.

In 2020-21, 86% of children in CRY project areas, under the age of 5 years, were protected from malnutrition. CRY’s malnutrition prevention rate is 14%; 27% better than the prevailing average in similar areas where CRY is not present.

To help continue the support and protection of underprivileged families, you can donate for children and provide the proper healthcare and nutrition they need. Donate to give children the gift of health!