This Holiday Season, Give Children the Gift of Education and Get Tax Exemption

Published on November 30, 2021

children’s education in India

Education helps children in many ways to improve their quality of life. It builds their knowledge, nurtures their capabilities, and improves their life skills, including emotional and social abilities. Education is the foundation for cognitive thinking and overall personal development. Hence it is crucial to focus on children’s education in India - ensuring all children in our country have access to regular and quality education by attending a school and completing their education.

The Coronavirus crisis and the resultant lockdowns impacted 247 million children* enrolled in elementary and secondary schools in India. The pandemic kept children out of school for more than 18 months thus creating hurdles in their aspirations to complete their school education. This long gap has led to children losing their touch with school subjects and habits of structured learning, increasing their risk of dropping out of school. It has also increased their susceptibility to economic exploitation, sexual abuse, physical violence, trafficking, and early marriage. (*Source: UNICEF)

Our team at CRY, India’s top NGO, is working hard to bridge the education gap so that children from underserved communities do not discontinue their education permanently. Through the Bridge School initiative, we are helping qualified teachers conduct classes for children in rural areas with the help of digital tablets. The content of the sessions is linked to the standard specific curriculum and lessons of the relevant State syllabus. These study sessions will be continued to supplement the school teaching and help ease children back into the routine of school.

As we get closer to the holiday season, your generosity towards children in need can be a wonderful way to kick off the celebrations. So experience the joy of giving by supporting CRY's Bridge School Program at this critical time to give India’s children a chance at a brighter. You get a 50% tax exemption on your donation to us under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. So celebrate the true spirit of this festive time by giving children the gift of education and avail income tax exemption on your donation to CRY.