A Pittance for Our Children, Union Budget 2017–18 By Komal Ganotra

Flawed Child Labour Law Amendment By Komal Ganotra

CRY in Action Newsletter 2015-16

CRY proudly brings to you stories of how YOU – our donors, supporters and well wishers have actively participated to bring about lasting change.

CRY in Action Newsletter 2014-15

Read how people like you have played their part in creating a world full of possibilities for thousands of underprivileged children.

Learning Blocks 2013

The report ‘Learning Blocks 2013’ is a modest attempt to understand the status of implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009, with respect to particular provisions that needed to be in place by the end of three years of the enforcement of the legislation.

The Synergos Institute Case Studies

This report discusses the emerging role of foundations in strengthening civil society,how they are created and how they sustain themselves as philanthropic entities. Child Rights and You (CRY) is a part of this case study.

Malnutrition: Unanswered questions from Attapadi

This report highlights the research conducted in 2013-14 on the status of malnutrition in Attapadi, Kerala.Read the report:

English – Click Here

Malayalam – Click Here

Status Report on Child Rights in India

The report shows a very dismal situation where current issues concerning children are highlighted.

CRY in Action Newsletter 2012-13

The newsletter focuses on putting children first and to ensure they experience a childhood they deserve.

Voices of Children

This report offers a window of opportunity to hear and listen to what children have to say and understand their perspective on issues that affect them.

CRY & C.A.R.E. report on Child Labour

This report explores the aftermath of Mumbai Raids in 2008 to understand what happens to children once they are rescued from labour.

CRY in Action Newsletter 2013-14

The news letter shares the impact of the work done by CRY in making India’s children a priority in 2013-14 with the support of our stakeholders.

Understanding the POCSO Act

This document underlines the key points of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act enacted in November 2012 to protect children from such offences and provide a child-friendly system for trials.

CRY Photobook

This photo book captures dreams and realities of children involved in labour in India and is an attempt to shake us out of our indifference to this grim situation.

Analysing Investment in School Education Across 10 States

An effort to unpack the limited information available in the public domain on the composition of state level spending on school education.

Study Report by CBGA and CRY

Fact Sheet by CBGA and CRY