How Sneha paved her way to become a textile designer!

Published on September 2, 2020

Sneha Become A Textile Designer

Sneha* comes from the Rapar district in Kutch, Gujarat – an area dominated by nomadic tribes who live in extremely impoverished conditions. Faced with a severe lack of infrastructural facilities and employment opportunities, they’re often unable to give priority to their children’s education. A first generation learner, with four elder siblings who had dropped out of school before 6th grade, Sneha was often tasked with household chores that left her with little time to study. To support her family’s income, she also had to work on the weekends as a manual worker at construction sites.

Sneha was in 10th grade when she failed her board exams. A failed result is usually the last straw in breaking the parental investment in the child’s education and as was the case with other adolescents in her community, Sneha too dropped out of school. It would have been the end of the road for her dreams and ambitions, had CRY not intervened to change her story.

Field staff from CRY project GSS regularly visited Sneha’s house to counsel her and her family on the importance of an education and how it could pave the way for her financial independence. After many such visits, she finally agreed to retake her board exams with her parents’ support and this time, cleared with flying colours! CRY also linked her to available government schemes and scholarships to ensure that continuing her education did not place extra burden on her family’s situation. Sneha went on to complete her schooling and developed an interest in local textiles. Today, she is a proud college student studying textile design in Bhuj. Kutch has a rich culture of textiles and Sneha has a bright future ahead of her.

Sneha’s story is an important one because for many children from underprivileged backgrounds, a small failure often signals the end of their chances of having a better future. Timely intervention and steady encouragement is necessary to help them persevere. At CRY, we dream of a day when every child will be able to harness their true potential and make our country proud!

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*name changed to protect the child's identity