Gramya Vikash Manch for Health and Hygiene
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change enabled
Bal Sansads formed
‘parliament’ sessions held
enrolment in primary schools across 98 villages achieved
what changed
In four districts of Jharkhand – Sahibgaj, Godda, Dhumka, Pakaur – there is rampant poverty, lack of education, few means of livelihood and lack of sanitation. The impact on children was depressing – persistent child labour, child sex abuse and trafficking.
Society for Advancement in Tribes, Health, Education, Environment (SATHEE) enabled children in these districts to form a ‘parliament’ and join the adults in the communities to create pressure groups to demand their rights. SATHEE believes that permanent change can be achieved only through the participation and leadership of children themselves.
Today, in 96% of the villages, child labour has been eradicated and the children, enrolled in schools.

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