Going back to school!

Published on September 2, 2020

Going back to school

Bela, Sunita and Nirmala* hail from Korba district, Chhattisgarh – they belong to an isolated village that is surrounded by a dense forest and has no access to public transportation.

The primary school in their village only offers schooling till the 5th grade; post which the children need to cross a river and travel to the nearest secondary school 5 kms away. This circumstance often forces parents to make their children drop out of school completely. Bela, Sunita and Nirmala were no exceptions to this and CRY project Gram Mitra soon heard about how they stopped going to school.

They immediately met the girls’ families to discuss the issue and learnt that they were also not offered any uniforms or books to enrol in secondary school – the additional expense and the concern for safety discouraged them from pursuing their education. CRY then raised the issue at a community level as well as with the school in question – thanks to this intervention; the girls were not only provided books and uniforms but also enrolled into secondary school.

Today, they are on the path to fulfilling their dreams!

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*names changed to protect the children's identity